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What is the Better Buildings Program?


Better Buildings Greensboro Program

Greensboro residents seeking to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes now have access to a federally funded program available through the City of Greensboro. The BetterBuildings program offers grant assistance and a rebate and incentive package to homeowners who make qualified upgrades that result in at least a 15 percent improvement in their home’s energy usage.  Click here for more information.


Who Can Participate?

Any homeowner inside Greensboro's city limits can apply to participate in the residential portion of the program.


The Process

1. To participate, first you need to submit an application with the city. They will inform you of what incentives you qualify for.  Incentives are based on income levels.

2. Contact Carolina Home Performance, Inc. to perform the energy assessment of your home.  Only qualified contractors can perform work under the program.  Our work is

held to the standards of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and strict quality assurance is maintained on the work we perform.


3. Make the recommended improvements to acheive at least a 15% energy savings.


4. Enjoy your safer, more comfortable, and more efficient home!

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