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Energy Upgrades: Air Sealing, Duct Sealing, Insulation

What is the point of going to the doctor to diagnose your sickness if they are not going to treat it? We view home performance contracting the same way. After we provide you with a report recommending improvements, you will need to take the most important step and either make the improvements yourself, or hire someone to make the improvements for you. We can coordinate the work with contractors or perform the work ourselves depending on the job.

Air Sealing

We have found that air sealing is commonly the most cost effective improvement that a homeowner can make.  We are experienced in finding and sealing any air leaks your home may have.  Check out our photo gallery for some before and after pictures of our air sealing work.


Duct Sealing

With the average duct system leaking 30% of the total airflow duct sealing is a needed improvement in most homes.  We will seal your duct system so that you aren't paying to heat and cool the outdoors.  Learn more about our duct leakage testing here.



With 25 years of experience in the insulation industry we can reduce your heat loss with one of our insulation solutions.  We install many types of insulation depending on the energy audit recommendations for your home.


Our Commitment 

We strive to make the improvement process quick and worry-free for our customers. Once the work is complete, we will make sure that the desired results have been achieved using the same tests that were performed during the initial energy audit. If the results are not what they need to be, we’ll keep working until they are. It's our way of assuring the customer that they are getting the job done right. 


We serve Winston Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, High Point, and surrounding areas.


Blowing in Attic Insulation

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quote We had Matt perform an energy audit of our home. During the inspection he discovered holes in the duct work, found an air leak in the den, leaks in and around the attic stairs, and made recommendations for other areas where we could make improvements. Matt made the repairs and improvements in an efficient, professional manner and we can tell a big difference in these areas.Thank you, Matt, for your help! quote
 Brad & Jerri Smith
 Winston-Salem, NC
quote I thoroughly enjoyed reading your report. There were items mentioned that I did not even know you had checked. quote
 Reidsville, NC
quote We really appreciate your honesty, integrity, and hard work.  We would recommend you to anyone looking to improve their home. quote
 Floyd and Susie Reynolds
 Greensboro, NC
quote We were both very happy with the detail in your report and you have done a good job of educating us. quote
 George and Kristin
 Winston-Salem, NC
quote My September gas bill was $35!  That's a base line reduction of about $50/ month.  As the only gas use is for water heating, I attribute the reduction to the work you performed.  quote
 Jim & Doreen
 Winston-Salem, NC
quote Matt, You are becoming like my home advisor.... :) quote
 Return Customer
 Winston-Salem, NC
quote We hired Carolina Home Performance, Inc. to do an energy audit of our home in Winston Salem which was built in 1952.  While we extensively renovated our home when we purchased it in 1993, we wanted a professional to advise us how to most cost effectively make changes to reduce our utility bills.  Matt provided us with exactly what we needed.  His report detailed problem areas and ranked each one as to priority for correction.  With each corrective measure, an estimate of cost as well as projected savings was provided.  Best of all, we didn't have to seek other contractors to do the work which was recommended.  Carolina Home Performance, Inc did the bulk of the work and assisted with utilization of one outside contractor.  It was quick and easy.  If you want to cut your utility costs, working with Carolina Home Performance, Inc is the way to go. quote
 The Cravens
 Winston-Salem, NC

Duct Sealing for Comfort, Energy and Indoor Air Quality from Energy Experts on Vimeo.