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Energy Modeling

To calculate savings from making improvements, we model the energy usage of the home after improvements are made. Estimating savings with energy modeling allows us to determine the cost effectiveness of improvements. This helps customers weigh the benefits of each improvement versus the cost to make an improvement. Here is an example of how energy modeling can benefit you...

A homeowner is trying to decide between a 13 SEER, 7 HSPF standard efficiency heat pump and a 16 SEER high efficiency heat pump. The 16 SEER, 8.5 HSPF system costs $1,000 more. Which system should the homeowner purchase?

Based on energy modeling of the home, we know that the homeowner will spend $1,000 on heating and cooling each year. Energy modeling also tells us that the high efficiency system will save the homeowner $75 per year over the standard efficiency system. If the system lasts 15 years, which is common, the homeowner would have saved $1,125 in electricity! In this case, the homeowner should opt to purchase the high efficiency system.

Pie Chart of Energy Uses