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Energy Audits for Existing Homes 


Why do I need an Energy Audit?

Do you want to increase comfort in your home while saving money on your energy bills? Of course you do! But where do you start making upgrades and who should you hire to make the upgrades? Thats where we come in.


Things we look at...

Need more insulation, a new heating and air conditioning system, new windows, or a new water heater? Our air leakage testing of the home and the duct system allows us to quantify how much money you are losing through air leaks.  Then we determine if they are worth sealing.  During the home energy audit we look at your house as a system to analyze these and many more improvement options. 


Which upgrades are for me?

If an improvement is not going to provide you with benefits that outweigh the costs, then we won't recommend it. When we do recommend an improvement, we make sure it's done right by specifying the proper equipment and the correct installation methods.


Rely on Carolina Home Performance Inc. to lower your energy bill and increase comfort in your home!  We serve Winston Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding areas.  Call today to schedule an energy audit for your home.



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