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What does it cost to have a home ENERGY STAR Qualified?

The ENERGY STAR program does not charge a fee for the home to be qualified.  HERS raters charge a fee based on the heated square footage of the home.  Most of the time, we can show you how more efficient construction techniques or properly designed HVAC systems will actually offset the fees we charge. 


You have to look beyond the initial cost.  A new home is an investment.  If your home is built to ENERGY STAR guidelines, it will save you money each month.  ENERGY STAR qualified homes are also inherently more durable and have fewer warranty issues.


What phase of construction should I call you if I am going for ENERGY STAR qualification?

It's best if you call before construction begins when the home is in the design phase.  With ENERGY STAR version 2.5 and 3 it is important that we are a part of the team early on so there aren't any suprises when the inspections are performed.

What is ENERGY STAR Version 3?

Now that one in every four homes is being ENERGY STAR Qualified, it's time for the standards to be updated to keep ENERGY STAR homes set apart from the typical home.  Version 3 guidelines become mandatory on all homes permitted on or after Jan 1, 2012.  Proir to version 3, version 2.5 will be in place so contractors will have a smooth transition from version 2 to version 3.  Versions 2.5 and 3 will require homes are more efficient and actually perform much higher than homes qualified under version 2.